Boost your immune system

SeaPulse with aqueous extract of spirulina is a unique dietary supplement thanks to its high concentration of phycocyanin (25g/L), the most unique active substance among the nutritional components of the microalgae Spirulina Platensis.

Phycocyanin is a 100% natural, highly nutritional, and healthy intense blue-colored protein presenting a multitude of benefits.

100% Natural

Mint flavor


Immunological health



Suitable for diabetics

Experience Freshness with SeaPulse!

With a gentle mint flavor, each spray becomes a burst of taste with all the benefits of nature for your health.

100% natural and allergen-free!

A scientifically backed 100% natural product

¿Did you know that phycocyanin is one of the most potent and beneficial antioxidant for the human body? Now you can experience its effects with our Spirulina extract, the concentrated and fresh phycocyanin from Seapulse. Our exclusive manufacturing process ensures quality and purity, so you can take care of your health without worries!

Strengthens the immune system

Phycocyanin improves the function of the immune system, enhancing resistance to diseases. Additionally, it plays a significant role in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and in stem cell regeneration.

Antioxidant power

Phycocyanin is a potent antioxidant that reduces free radicals, including hydroxyls, alkoxyls, peroxyls, and superoxides. It aids in the inhibition of oxidative stress, responsible for most degenerative diseases.

Acts as a neuroprotector

Due to the antioxidant capacity of phycocyanin, it exerts a neuroprotective effect against oxidative brain injury. It has been proven to be a potential neuroprotective agent against ischemic stroke.

Combats inflammations

Phycocyanin neutralizes processes and enzymes that create inflammation, even arthritic and joint inflammation. Studies indicate that administered orally or through SeaPulse Spirulina spray offers remarkable anti-inflammatory effects.

Acts as a hepatoprotector

The antioxidant capacity makes it have protective potential. It has been demonstrated that this bioactive possesses a preventive action against hepatotoxicity and against hepatocyte damage induced by carbon tetrachloride.

Regulates diabetes

Phycocyanin improves sensitivity and resistance to insulin in tissues and regulates the metabolism of glucolipids. It also acts as an inhibitor of α-amylase, slowing down starch absorption in the body.