Leaders in innovation with microalgae

Global Biotech S.L. was founded in 2018 with the aim of meeting the needs of the health, nutrition, and cosmetics markets, guaranteeing the best standards in terms of quality, sustainability, and expertise.

We provide solutions through the development of sustainable production methods, both in environmental and economic terms, betting on innovation, efficiency, or quality.

Our natural marine-origin bioactives are a source of inspiration for innovative and differentiating products, while providing consumers with elements that help improve health and well-being.






We combine technology and sustainable cultivation systems to develop natural ingredients that allow for revolutionary, functional, and differentiating products.

Natural marine-origin bioactives to create revolutionary products

At Global BioTech, we create products based on 100% natural marine-origin bioactives to offer you the best of nature. The potential of microalgae, along with the current demand for natural and sustainable products with functionality, has encouraged us to develop exclusive technology to produce a wide variety of species, in order to bring the benefits of 100% natural and sustainable bioactives to the population through nutritional and cosmetic products.

With SeaPulse, we offer you a family of products that originate from microalgae using an innovative, sustainable, and environmentally friendly process. These microalgae are an inexhaustible source of natural bioactives, and the company aims to offer them in their primordial state to guarantee their maximum purity and effectiveness.

At Global Biotech, we employ species and production processes that best meet the requirements of our clients for each of the sectors in which we work, acquiring the highest commitment to quality, sustainability, and food safety.


Global Biotech has highly qualified personnel in microalgae production and processing systems, a team made up of process engineers, biologists, biochemists, physicists, chemical engineers, and economists with extensive experience in the sector.

The technology we apply to our processes is unique and has been developed exclusively for our facilities.

All this has allowed us to achieve a high degree of industrial development, as well as to have a range of products of the highest quality.

We always bet on innovation, efficiency, sustainability, and quality, aspects that make up the pillars of our success.

Premium Quality

We ensure that everything is developed according to high quality requirements throughout the entire supply chain.

Our products do not come from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), according to Reg. (EC) No.1829/2003 and No.1830/2003.

They have not been treated with ionizing radiation, according to Reg. (EC) No.2/1992 and No.3/1999, nor do they contain substances or products that cause allergies or intolerances according to Regulation (EU) 1169/2011.

Additionally, they strictly comply with the contaminant criteria established in Reg. (EC) No.78/2005, No.629/08, and No.915/2023, and with the microbiological criteria for food products according to Regulation (EC) 1441/2007.


Developing with quality requirements throughout the entire supply chain also protects our ecosystem.

Microalgae production is sustainable and does not generate a carbon footprint. The process is also capable of capturing CO2 and reusing it.

Our activity does not compete with the food industry (there is no need for freshwater or arable land).

The process is a closed system: no pollution, processes and parameters are easier to control. Recycling and recirculation of used water are also involved. Nothing is wasted.

Additionally, neither our ingredients nor our products have been tested on animals.

100% natural


High absorption


No additives or preservatives